Information search and communication were the two main reasons for which a person would log on to the world wide web a few years back. Though I worked on computers since around 18 years back, I was the last person amongst my friends to get an email ID, some 10 years back. And I couldn’t hold it long enough, since I allowed the account to remain dormant for a long time, and it was deactivated. This shows how a person who is very much interested in technology can be ignorant towards its full benefits. But the advent of high speed internet has opened up lots of possibilities to a normal user which can help him change his own life. An average user, uses internet not only to communicate or search for information, but can also wander around on the net to explore it, view videos and listen to music, read eBooks, plan holidays, shop and many other activities. Community sites like orkut and facebook, really changed the dimension in which people communicated with each other, while adding a fun element to it.

But along with all this uses of the internet, people with a bit more curiosity and patience, have managed to actually earn while surfing the web. People maintaining websites generate revenue through advertisements placed on their sites. Some sell their expertise on the web. Bloggers are paid to write post in popular news columns. Many of these activities on the web, which generate revenue to an individual come under the category of freelancing, which is picking up quite fast on the web.

On a site providing freelancing jobs directory, a freelancer can find various jobs listed under numerous categories. After browsing through them and checking out which job is best suited for ones expertise, the person has to bid for the job quoting the charge for which he is ready to do the job. Once the bids are viewed, the bid which meets all the conditions and least quote gets the job. A bidder has to create profile which specifies his area of expertise. If he is proficient with more skills, more number of profiles can be created. The advertiser makes sure that the bidder is capable to carry out the job by checking out this profile. In the profile, the bidder has an option of entering experience and proof of the work he might have done in past, which gives his bid a higher weightage.

There are many websites, catering to different countries, which provide freelancing services. Some are totally free, while others have a premium members section for members who pay of the service. A premium member can bid for almost all the projects and can activate all his profiles at a time while a free member can bid for very few projects and can activate only one profile. Some of he websites are listed below. If a person is confident of making good on such sites through freelance jobs, its better to opt for paid service which has much more features. Once you get a job, and you complete it successfully, you get rating on the site, which keeps on increasing as you complete more projects. This rating improves your probability of getting more jobs.

People are already earning huge amounts by freelancing. If you use your expertise properly on he internet, this could be the dream second part-time job that you always wanted.

Freelancing Websites:

Freelance, Freelance India, Guru(the paid service which I was talking about earlier), Freelance Free(which provides completely free service), Get A Freelancer

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