Chennai Express – The Review

One two three four…get on the dance floor. Set to get a lot of people on the dance floor. Rohit Shetty’s new release starring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, high in action (yes, lots of scorpios and mahindra classics involved too) is a signature Shetty movie. Nothing much in the story here. Same old man, women, meet, love, opposition, struggle etc etc. crap. I don’t reveal movie stories. It’s for the people to watch.

The moment Meena(Deepeka) opens her mouth to say a few Tamil accented hindi dialogues, I pray that the wise saying “This too, shall pass” comes true. Rahul(Shahrukh, when will he abandon that name?), when he’s being funny, is kiddish funny and when emotional, he is his natural overact. But later on, “this too, passes”, and though the movie doesn’t glue you to the chair, you won’t feel like not seeing it through. You realize that this movie too, needs to be seen as an entertainment with brains kept aside. That will get you through the end.

One Two Three Four …… and Kashmir Mai….. are two songs with catchy tunes, which we will keep on hearing for sometime now. There are no spectacular dance moves in any of the songs to run wild among people. But there is this lungi dance at the end. After the end infact. Strategically placed, with enough pre-release hype, people are bound to watch the movie through the end. And then there’s this special thanks to Rajnikanth. This entire strategy will surely generate huge revenue in southern states where the Rajni fans are located. The film is said to have crossed 31 crore rupee collection mark on the first day itself and 28 crore on second day. Quite a feat.

The most important thing I loved about the movie was its location. You get  2.5 hours tour of the most scenic parts of southern India(if at all this movie was shot in southern India). And second important thing is the abundance of the colors used in then movie. The movie displays colors in…well…I must say all colors. Which is very pleasing on the silver screen to eyes.

About the starcast, its Rohit Shetty team and you will easily relate important characters from his other movies.

On a scale of 1-5, I give it 3 for being an entertainer. If you got nothing much to do on weekend, watch it at the theatre.

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