Apr 182011

For all the Samsung Wave series phone users, there a good news. Samsung had made good their promise of updating Wave 8500 with the BADA 1.2 upgrade. Anyone who wishes to move on to the upgraded version, connect the phone to kies, and the upgrade will be available there.

The upgrade bring to us the much hyped Trace function while typing. Also it is said to cause less of those low memory messages.

Cheers to Samsung….Now we wait for BADA 2.0 in September!!

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  5 Responses to “BADA Update in India”

  1. oh shit . . . still we are not gettin Bada 1.2 for wave 8500 in India . . . . I’m really becoming very sad about this my phone . .just give us reply for this comment . . . and try to understand customers problems . . . . reply soon . now don’t wait me to get ans for this quest .. . when you people giving us Bada 1.2?

  2. when I can get Bada 1.2 for my wave 8500 . . . ?

  3. Nilesh G . . . . . thanks for informing me about Bada 1.2 . but I would like to know about Bada 2.0 . . . do you have any idea plz tell us . . . thanks . .

    • Bada 2.0 was showcased at the mobile world congress in feb 2011. India is supposed to get 2.0, which is believed to be a true smartphone OS, in july 2011. India will be he first country to get it and then it will be gradually rolled out to other countries.

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