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Infinite USB

This is something that I stumbled upon. How conveinent would it be once this technology is used in all USB products!! Checkout this USB connector.

Stock Quotes on Spreadsheet

Disclaimer: The method explained herein to track your stock, should not be used for daily transactions, as the quotes  retrieved from the internet are delayed by couple of minutes. Many of us have invested our life savings in the stock market. And the giants have already eaten into our savings, after promising us good returns.

Rupee Symbol in True Type Font

As you might all know by now, that the Indian government has come up with a symbol for rupee. Being an Indian symbol, it was natural to accept the one designed out of our own devanagari script. Not that its going to improve the living condition of the poor Indian, or help in the appreciation


Information search and communication were the two main reasons for which a person would log on to the world wide web a few years back. Though I worked on computers since around 18 years back, I was the last person amongst my friends to get an email ID, some 10 years back. And I couldn’t

First Impression of Windows Live Writer

Never knew that microsoft could come out with something so useful as windows live writer. Actually I had installed it along with windows live essentials, some time back, but didn’t know what it was used for. Only when I went out in search of a good offline publishing tool was I told about it by

Gmail as a Storage

Disclaimer: Google doesn’t support gmail drive, which is a third party application, but the space available on gmail can be used for storage purpose. Google may temporarily disable the mail account if extensive use of gmail drive is found. This procedure of insallation of the application is for windows. It’s always an issue to store

The Physical Attempt into Virtual World

Lately, there have been lots of attempts to transfer life in to virtuality. Flight simulators are being used since ages to train commercial pilots. A gaming freak can never forget the revolution started by the games like unreal tournament and Quake, or even the flight simulator by microsoft which offers almost realistic graphics and physical

For once, you will love to Stumble

Internet has grown out to be a source of information, huge in magnitude and unimaginable by human memory standards. Lots of data is available at our finger tips. Google has become a synonym to search(though google has spread its branch much wider then just search technology) and wikipedia is considered to be the boss of all

Under Microscope…….Cloud Computing

Computing has come a long way since the first IBM PC ever built for a common man. From a few KBs of RAM running the primitive and complex operating systems to the fastest desktop, laptop and even handheld devices, no one had ever gauged the evolution of these electronic data cruncher. The latest form of

PacMan on Google

The 30th anniversary of PacMan was commemorated by google, by placing an interactive pacman doodle on its search homepage. The pacman game could be played by clicking on “Insert Coin” button in place of “I’m feeling lucky” that usually appears beside the google search button, giving it a retro feel. I had tried it on