Alert – Another Cheap Mobile

We are just fresh out of the freedom251 news and related doubts and political interventions. While freedom251 is yet to be delivered, another firm, this time in Bengaluru, claims to have a smartphone which they will sell for Rs. 99(thats less than 2$). The mobile is named as Namotel Acche Din as reported by the newsgroup publishing the story. The name of the mobile hints to having connections to the PM of India (break up Namotel to Namo+tel, Namo being the acronym used for PM Narendra Modi, and the addendum “Acche Din” was the tagline for BJP election campaign.) It can be said with certain level of confidence that there is no such connection between the PM and this new venture of selling the phone at about Rs. 2900. discount.

I am not going to list out the overly exaggerated specifications since I personally feel that its impossible to sell a phone with such specification for so cheap. I also caution you all from signing up for such offers/schemes as it is a gamble which will never be won.

The websites and which can be used for registration and and upfront one time subscription payment of Rs. 199 are not running as of this moment. Whois lookup for and doesn’t shows the the administrator names for these websites are withheld. But surprisingly, the admin details for point to one Mr. Madhava Reddy as the owner. A Similar name appears in the news article as being a promoter of the company selling these phones.

Beware all.

(Disclaimer : This article is based on the article published in the TOI and as such, the authenticity of the data contained is purely based on the authenticity of the news article. The details of Whois lookup have been personally checked by me. Both the web addresses mentioned in the article were checked and found to be non functional.)

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