Sep 162010

Sometimes back I had posted about how I extracted benefits from the internet by just signing on one website called mginger. I invested jus rupees 3, and received a discount coupon worth rupees 100!! But this offer had been taken off for some time. Now its back again, and here to stay till 30th September. Meanwhile, other offers continue to be online on this site. So grab the offer before it expires.

Are you planning to buy some stuff with total value of less then 1000 rupees but above 395? The items could be something like a pen drive, flash memory card, compact disks, clothes, books etc.? This is your chance to get minimum of 10% discount, as against the maximum discount schemes run by other shops. A coupon download from mGinger and a product buy made on tradus can get you that.

The mode of operation of mginger is that, once you register, you  start getting smses on your mobile, containing paid advertisements. Each advertisement fetches you 20 paisa. If you refer someone, you get 10 paisa for every advertisement he/she receives on the mobile. There is also a third level, through which you can earn 5 paisa per sms. Once time registration will cost you 2 rupees, and you can select your preferred time and advertising category. You can also stop this service anytime you like. Pay out will only be made after rupees 300 or above are accumulate in your account. It will take ages for that, and the amount is peanuts. But there is a second part to it. And that’s the better part.

Here’s how it works. Go to mginger and register your mobile number following this link. Once registered, you have to select you preferred time and category of the advertisement. Once you start receiving ads, you start accumulating money in your account. And here’s the best part. You can buy a coupon using the money out of that amount, for any of the offer available with mginger at that time. It could be a discount on Dr. Batra clinic charges, or a discount on 21 Fahrenheit pub, or my favorite, a 100 rupees discount coupon on the purchase of rupees 395 and above.

Once you have accumulated at least 1 rupee in your account, go to the coupons section, and select from the many different offers available. Then click on download coupon, and a rupee gets deducted from your wallet on mGinger. The next moment, you receive an SMS giving the coupon code and expiry date!!

The coupons are region specific, depending on the shopping merchants in that area. But any coupon, which can be redeemed online, is available for everyone. Some of the tempting coupons for Mumbai are as follows :

The Jail – Restaurant & Lounge 30% Discount on lunch (food and liquor). Also flat 15 % on dinner on weekdays. 100 rupees off on purchase of 395 and above
21 Fahrenheit 33% discount on entry fee. Enter at rupees 500 instead of 750 50% off on customised jersey

And many more for Spa, pubs, stay at luxury hotels, etc. are available on this site.

So why wait. Make the most of it while we live in this e-age.

May 062010

Just today, me and my friend reaped one of the many benefits of having some knowledge of the internet, and bit of confidence in various schemes available on it. You might have heard of a website providing revenue generation schemes such as mginger. The modus operandi of this site is, once you register your mobile number on to it, you keep on receiving messages informing you about various schemes by different providers, and for every message you receive, you get paid.

Now the amount of money you receive for each sms is, well, peanuts. If you refer your friends, you will receive some small amount for every message your friend receive. Just to test the authenticity of the scheme, me and my friend had registered on that site last year, around this time. For a month or so we tracked the progress of our account, and finally deduced that it would take 7 lives to make the 300 rs., which are required for the payout. So we completely neglected it later on. The messages kept on coming, but we didn’t de-register since it was not harming us, and we could delete them even without reading.

Just few days back the subject of this registration crept up in our conversation, and again we logged in to check. The amount collected was 30 rs. well below the payout limit. But while navigating the site, we found and interesting tabs providing discount coupons. The catch was that for every coupon downloaded, 1 rupee was deducted from our balance on mginger, which was ok with us. On browsing the list of coupons, we struck gold. One coupon was for the online auction site tradus and on a purchace of 625 rs. and above on this site, it gave out a discount of 305 rupees.

I am a fan of tradus and hence know the various useful products available for auction or sell. We immediately downloaded one coupon each from our accounts. Then I browsed through tradus and bought an 8gb sandisk pen drive costing about 800 rs+delivery charges, and paid only rs 574. My friend bought a 3 user license of kaspersky internet security 2010, for 649 and paid only 330 something.

So in the end it seems that we did manage to get some benefit out of this internet venture. And that too without any investment. Internet does provides with some good deals if  you have patience to search. I am hoping to get few more useful coupons from mginger.

Upon googling for such more schemes today, I came across a site called mgarlic. A colleague joked that he would like to come up with a site called

I laughed….and registered on that site too. Who knows what I might get next year?

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