Short Sabbatical

My blog link is and the title is I Said It. But for quite some time now since my last post, I’ve been fighting for words. It seems like I’ve said it all. Not that I’ve nothing on my mind or I am suffering from writer’s block. To the contrary, my mind is jumbled up with lot of things which I am unable to channelize in to this blog.

And then there is this matter about me becoming a father. Yes, after a long wait, I finally became dad. To two kids. A Girl and a Boy(I don’t understand why I always say “A Girl” first, even though my Boy is elder by 2 minutes). It has been a month and a half now since and we’ve named them Ian and Ivy. Now I get a breather(literally) to write something down before I go back on sabbatical.

Life is full of exciting things. Formula one races, movies, food, outings with friends etc. But for me, its only diaper time at this stage. I take satisfaction in that. Though I don’t get to help my wife much since they are at my in-laws house, I try and take some time out to be with them. On weekends, or after work. That’s why I find less time to compose myself.

Those of you who have kids, will surely know that whatever I have written above, has required great effort to compose at this stage. I plan to keep on posting about my children but don’t know how I will go about it. I will not be easy to maintain a blog

Time will tell…..


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