First Time in My life

Look what I did this Easter Sunday!! I barbecued my own food for the festival, and I have to say that it turned out to be a 100 % success. My family just loved the food, and didn’t get time to compliment me about it, till the entire portion was down in our tummies. I had been on a lookout for a barbecue kit for quite some time, but had postponed buying it on few previous occasions. But this time I threw my hat across the fence when I saw an advertisement in a local magazine selling the kit and promised my family that I would do it this year. The sauce for marination was home made by me and it turned out to be of top quality.

After an unsuccessful attempt to light the barbecue yesterday, I woke up early today( even after attending the night service at the church) to get the fir going. And it took about an hour to fire it up fully, but when it was up, it was much easy. As I ate the food, I realised that all the hard work at the barbecue pit was worth a lot.

Check out the results of my first venture!! The way my brother was eating it, he is sure to invest if I start this business 😉


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