Fifa Fever


Another two days and you will be able to watch your favorite teams competing in Brazil.  I assume die hard fans like you have already made your flight, hotel and ticket reservations for the games in Brazil. If not yet, you may still have a chance to book the tickets. Check out the Fifa website.

Oh what!! Your boss doesn’t sanction you the leave for games. So cruel of him. First the appraisals and not the world cup!! Anyway, catch the action at your local pub or sports bar if such is the case. But you also want to create and environment for the games No problem, head over to Amazon India to buy Football Merchandise.

You can keep track of all the football action at Liv Sports. Catch the action on the go on Android and iphone

Go ahead. Live the moment. It’s a once in a four year experience!!

Any idea about any new animal replacing Paul the Psychic to do the predictions?

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