Fall of the Political God…Or is it?

Woke up this morning to read the news flashed by the (good/bad)times of India that the NCP chief Sharad Pawar had been distanced by friends and foes alike. Though he has negated his involvement in the IPL bid, the reports by the times of India claiming his involvement in the bid, through a company owned by him, is damaging enough for him to be left alone.

But will the veteran politican be bowled out by this delivery? It’s for time to tell. For me, I believe that this person is capable of coming clean out of every situation. If politics is a board of chess, Sharad Pawar is not the queen on it. He is the person who handles the queen, king, rook, knight, bishop and pawn. And he has managed to win by his moves, each time.

So, even if the media, who will stop pursuing this case in short time, has managed to enforce a check in this game, lets find who the checkmate will be.

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