Here to Serve you……Charges Applicable

Loot Loot Loot!!! The mobile sharks are out for a loot. The current addition in their charging frenzy is levying a charge on the calls to their customer care executives. I was shocked when, while trying to communicate with the customer care executive of airtel, I was informed by the pre-recorded voice, that chatting to a cusomer care executive will be charged at the rate of 50 paisa for 3 minutes from 11th may 2010. Though the charge is not big, how does airtel justify this charge, when they levy a very highmonthly rentel to postpaid customers and huge service charge while refilling a prepaid connection? Aren’t such services suppossed to be included in this charges?

Going by the number of calls I had to make to the customer care executive today, just to rectify one small situation with my GPRS connection, I can safely guess that airtel will be making lots of money just by the calls generated to their customer service. This will surely lead to unethical business practices for better profits, since very few people will understand this situation and even fewer will protest. And I don’t think the government will have any say on this matter.

Oh!! Will will the number portability come to India!! 🙁

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