Micromax “CAN”vas 4

LIFE CAN BEGIN NOW. The punchline for Micromax Canvas 4. No specs revealed yet. And yet, or hence, it has managed to create the much needed hype prior to a product launch. The advertising style matches that of Samsung, that’s inarguable. And quite interesting too. The advertisements running on media creates an aura of king for an yet to delivered child.

And then there is this scheme of pre-order which they have adopted. Pay 5000 rs. now, wait for the price and the specs to be revealed within couple of days. Pay remaining within a predetermined period or they will pay you back your 5000 rs without any interest. Interesting. No one looses here. Quick maths. In a population of more than a billion people with a good percentage of them hungry for smart technology at affordable prices, its very easy to get atleast 10,000 pre orders. Multiply by 5000 rs. and you arrive at a figure of 50,000,000 rs. Enough to get the logistics rolling for the first lot. And they seem to be very confident about this device, so consider atleast 50% orders are through.There you go. 5000 phones sold at launch.

Now time to run some calculations considering 1,00,000 pre orders!!

This will also help them gauge the demand. The demand exceeded supply in case of Canvas HD previously, which resulted in them increasing the price by about 1000 rs. This time, they will have a pre-warning of the tsunami of orders, if ever there is, thus pricing this phone competitively.

If it is priced at around 16000-17000, as is widely being guessed, I hope Micromax is ready to handle the logistics for an avalanche of orders.

Samsung killed Nokia and Sony Ericsson in India as explained in my previous post. I also said that Micromax is up for big things. This company seem to be smart with enough understanding of Indian needs, along with the required acumen to satisfy those needs. I won’t say time will tell about Micromax. I will rather say, time is already speaking.

Though not really buying this phone, am eagerly waiting to see the big bang, hoping its not an anti-climex, on the launch date.

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