Convert File to PDF

Many a times, we need to save lots of data from the webpage to our local drive. A person, well versed with computers, will find it easier to save the entire webpage as a .HTM file or in .html format. A novice would use the copy-paste method, to word document or text document. The disadvantage in such a method is that, the original formatting and layout cannot be saved. Copying and pasting a picture is quite tedious job. Those are the moments, when we miss the favorite PDF, or Portable Document Format.

Sometimes it may so happen that, we have a document in a format which we really are not comfortable using, and we would have loved it in the much cleaner PDF. At such times, a process called as PDF printing comes handy if a PDF converter is not available. PDF printing is basically a process in which the document is stored as a PDF file on local drive, instead of printing it as a hard copy.

My favorite PDF printer is bullzip free PDF printer. It can be downloaded here for free. After installation, you will be able to see an extra printer icon in the printers list, named as Bullzip PDF Printer.

To save any webpage, or a document/spreadsheet file, or even a picture to PDF:

  • Go to “File” menu of the application in which it is open(any web browser for the webpage), and click on print.
  • A Print window will open where you have a choice of printers, and the settings.
  • Select “Bullzip PDF Printer” and click “Print”.
  • Another window will ask for the location where we want to save the file and the name for it.
  • Specify a path and a name and click ”Save”.
  • A red icon in the system tray will indicate that the print is being processed, and when done, a notification will will popup about the same.
  • If you select “Open the document after creation” before clicking Save, the saved file will open up.
  • If you select “Open the destination folder after creation” before clicking Save, the folder where the file is saved, will open up.
  • And your PDF is ready with all the basic formatting intact!!

Check out the video to learn easily.

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