Jan 082016

A trip to Goa with mates is a refreshing end to year(rather a refreshing beginning to a new year. Goa holds endless possibilities of exploration and photography. A photographic composition of my Goa road trip.


The Bascilica of Bom Jesus : No trip to Goa is considered complete without the visit to the church complex and taking blessings of St. Francis Xavier




…………neither is it complete without the “King of Good Times”



St. Augustine Tower : battered by time but standing tall



Where peace meets beauty…a road(like most others) in old Goa




Anjuna Beach Flea Market : A vendor readies for the day ahead






Neither Swaroski nor Tanishq…but equally attractive




Waiting to adore those beautiful lucky heads




The Classic Cult shall live long….here in Goa(Hare Ram Hare Krishna)



The dance of exhiliration




Two Gods




Tickling the Taste Buds : How can trip be declared complete without the mandatory Coastal Food





One light ready to go….Another ready to guide (at Fort Aguada light House, Goa)




May 102015



An artificial waterfall at Manama Garden(between Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani)

Camera : Canon EOS 1200D + EF-S 18-55 mm IS II lens

Shooting Mode : Manual

Shutter speed : 0.8”

Aperture Value : F/25

ISO : 100

Focal Length : 28mm

Flash : Off

No Tripod



At Tableland Point Panchgani. Devoid of any background disturbances like tourists/environmental props.

May not be to many professional photographers liking. But

Camera : Canon EOS 1200D + EF-S 50-250mm IS II lens

Shooting Mode : Aperture Priority

Shutter speed : 1/100

Aperture Value : F/10

ISO : 100

Focal Length : 250mm

Flash : Off

No Tripod

Still in the nascent stages and lot to learn. Your comments/suggestions appreciated.

Jan 012015

Clouds 1001

Shady Skies

(Taken from a moving Train. Timing Evening. Post processed in Digital Photo Professional)

The Zoo

Hyderabad Trip 100

Come…Let’s be Friends……

Hyderabad Trip 101

……..Sullen after Rejection
Hyderabad Trip 104

Your Majesty Marches

Hyderabad Trip 107

In search of the Greens

Hyderabad Trip 110

Amongst the Long list of things to do…..Eat out of a tall Tree

Hyderabad Trip 112

Territorial Warfare…?

Hyderabad Trip 113    Hyderabad Trip 114

We Slither

Hyderabad Trip 122

Look Maa…..Lacoste

Hyderabad Trip 123

Anymore colors in the Rainbow?

Hyderabad Trip 106

The Way to Travel in a Zoo

(All photos clicked at Nehru Park, Hyderabad)

Delicate Beauties 

Hyderabad Trip 519

Hyderabad Trip 520
Hyderabad Trip 516

Hyderabad Trip 517

Hyderabad Trip 524Hyderabad Trip 518
Hyderabad Trip 523

Feeling Feathery

Hyderabad Trip 527

Hyderabad Trip 530
Hyderabad Trip 531

Hyderabad Trip 529

With Color comes Beauty

With Beauty Comes Ego.

(Photos clicked at Ramoji Film City)

Jul 302011

Botanically called as Saussurea obvallata, or the Bramha Kamal as we call it, is a rare sight in it bloomed state. Named after Bramha, the Hindu God of creation, this night blooming flower with a once in a year appearance is said to be an indication of an auspicious event. People in India believe that only those people who believe in the auspiciousness of the occasion, have the luck to view the flower in this state.

I do not claim that I am the only lucky person to have seen it when its delicate petals were opened, but as soon as I got the chance today, I clicked some pictures which I wish to share with you all. So here they are.

I have used a white source of light, place at some distance to create the luminescence effect. Pardon my photography with a normal point and shoot camera.




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