Nov 032009

Though you are  the ‘greatest’ supporter of marathi culture and the protecter of marathi manus and his rights, Raj, it seems that you have excluded your own ‘domain’ from your marathi banner drive.

I can still see spelt in roman script as against your order of having devnagri script.

Guess somethings cant be changed at all.

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  One Response to “Signboards”

  1. Sometime back the navnirman sena did a Big sho- sha saying that we ought not to refer to CST as CST ,, but rather by its full name Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus ,,, and LTT as Lokmanya Tilak Terminus ,,, the argument being using the abbreviations are a disrespect to the national leaders … WEll then why do they still call it MNS or manse ,, why not the Full name ? Any answers from you Shri Raj ??

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