“Separate” Story

I stay with my family. 5 people living in one house. As years pass on, me and my wife feels that the house is bit crammed for space. We find it difficult to stay together, not in terms of personal relations, but in terms of space. Finally I decide to separate out. My family welcomes the decision. It will not only help me to find more space for my family, but will also make me independent in terms of decision making, and financial responsibilities. Me and my family are happy. Separation, a good decision.

My geographical state is in state turmoil. Some part of the population of this state is of the opinion that they should have in independent state. I am of similar opinion since I know the benefits of separation. I join the agitation actively, in support of one leader, who influences us with the idea that the much needed separate state can be formed by using different methods of agitation, wrong or otherwise. So after many petitions, agitations, hunger strikes, work strikes, property destruction and a loss of few innocent lives, we finally get the separate state we wanted. Our leader is elected as the chief minister of the state, by popular verdict through polls. Everyone is happy.
Separate state, a good decision.
…….for now.

Two years on, our chief minister lands in the nets of the CBI for a scam amounting to hundreds of crores. That was the climax, since the ministers of his cabinet were found to be highly corrupt during the last two years. A minister who lived in shanty prior to separation of the state, own a palatial bungalow in prime location. He also has my dream car, a Mercedes. Similar is the case with the entire cabinet. I, meanwhile, continue to stay at my house, paying off the loan I had availed, for the house. The interest rates have increased, so pay more now. The road tax has increased, but my scooter tires continue to wear at a higher rate, year on year, since the condition of the roads degrades as time goes by. I pay more maintenance charges in electric bills, but the street lamp in front of my house continues to sleep, as it did before separation of state. I look around. Nothing has changed. Taxes have increased in the name of funding the development, but the promised infrastructure has not come up. The living conditions have not improved, rather degraded. Everyone is dissatisfied. Except for the  ministers. I now realize that separation was just a farce. The real reason behind it was generation of income for a selected few.

I now realize the truth, but too late. If I had to live in a state full of scamsters, I was better off in the old state. I would get enough of them there. Why the separate state? Don’t you think that these ministers have picked up some tricks from the books of the British rulers, the policy of “Divide and Rule”. The only difference being that the British rulers helped India progress industrially and educationally, while they looted it.

Give me name of one state in India which has shone with noteworthy achievements after separation? The only achievements were scams and money laundering.

It’s for you all to decide whether a separate state is required to improve conditions? A separate state seems to be detrimental to the progress of our country.

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