No Big Deal

My colleague commented today morning that I looked sullen and off mood. She kept saying this time and again. I didn’t feel any different. I was trying my best to look engrossed in work as always.
May be she expected me to be all cheerful on my birthday. Maybe I was expected to be all well dressed up in new clothes with a big smile and pretending to be the king for a day.

I don’t see the big deal. I never do.

Can someone tell me what’s it all about? How can today be any different from other days. Of course, there is the usual wishing and the cake and a small/big feast. But then, why should it really excite me? Agreed that this was the day I was born a few decades back. But then, I’ve lived through all other days of these 33 years and each one has been different. So why should I deem this day special?

I am not that old to start thinking like a grandpa, but somewhere down my life, I stopped thinking much about birthdays. Now my focus has shifted to my kids and their days of glory.

For me, birthdays have stopped being a big deal.

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