Nature’s Alarm

Nature has provided us with everything yet we have shunned it aside. Have our grandparents not used nature effectively? But we embrace technology to carry out the slightest tasks. Take an example of the alarm clock. I don’t remember my grandparents using alarm clocks to wake up. They relied on their body clocks, “early to bed early to rise” funda, and some help from birds which chirp untiringly in the morning.

This particular bird seemed to have, waking me up, on its to-do-today list as a top priority. It kept on chirping outside on my bedroom window sill relentlessly until I woke up. Mind you, alarm clocks don’t wake me up so easily. But this one wouldn’t give up and finally I had to wake up and record its performance.(The real reason behind this continuous show is the reflection of the bird on my mirror glassed windows). Whatever be, this is a very good example of what nature has provided.

I wouldn’t use it as a clock though, as the bird appears at its own time and that would require synchronizing the punch in machine at my office with the bird.

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