LYTRO Camera

Hi friends. I came across this wall post on facebook by a friend, a video about something called as Lytro camera. Heard it first time, so of course, had to find out what. I was amazed at how much technology has progressed in cameras.

Years back, Sony and other camera makers were competing amongst themselves in compact camera space. Little did they know that they would face a stiff competition, and eventually loose to a phone manufacturer in that segment. Will Lytro cameras do this for SLRs?

Though the Lytro camera depends on the proprietary software, I guess it’s bundled with the camera hence nullifies the disadvantage. The only minus point is the requirement of MAC OS, so basically an apple computer to use the software. But I think the makers of this cameras will overcome this hurdle soon. Also the prices as per their website are quite within reach of anyone who wants to flaunt this camera.

Though it will be difficult to lure the enthusiasts and pros at this stage, the camera looks like another object of desire with enough usability to justify the purchase for a point to shoot user. Right now shipping only in US.

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