First Impression of Windows Live Writer

Never knew that could come out with something so useful as . Actually I had installed it along with windows live essentials, some time back, but didn’t know what it was used for. Only when I went out in search of a good offline publishing tool was I told about it by my good friend Jimmy. In his words, “they say, it’s awesome”. Well I don’t know about that, but it surely seems to be a useful tool.

First impression, it doesn’t require complicated setup for existing blog, so good. Just download the setup utility,install the application and run it, enter the blog url and your credentials and you are free to spill your quill. It does away with your default blog editor provided by the bloghost, wordpress in my case. All the settings of your blog like catagories are imported automatically into live writer account.

I am writing this post using this utility. Check out the screenshots to get some idea.

image Screen

The main editing page comprises of three main tabs. First being Edit- for composing the post using all the basic text edit tools or inserting media like images, videos, maps( yes maps!!) etc. The second one is for preview, where you can view a cool preview of your final product, offline. And here’s the best part. The preview comes in the theme that you have set for your blog. To ensure that you get the correct theme preview, select he “Edit Using Theme” option in he view menu and click “Refresh Theme”.


Once you have drafted the post, spell check it using the inbuilt spell checker. Now the post can be saved on local drive, saved online to your blog or even published immediately.


This is for one single blog. You can have many blogs and all can be published through this single utility. All you need to do is add the details of other blogs through Blogs—->Add blog account…


My friend Jimmy informed me that most of the professional bloggers use different utilities to great blogs. Well, I am on lookout for better ones. Till then…Long Live Windows Live Writer!!

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