Jul 012014

If you reside in Mumbai and frequently travel on the newly launched Mumbai Metro, here’s your chance to taste the promotional free wifi service provided by You Broadband at few stations. All you have to do is switch on your device wifi and connect to the open WIFI @MUM METRO network.

Once connected it will follow the usual procedure of registration. Try to access a website through browser and you will land on their signup page wherein you give your phone number. Once the registration SMS is sent, you can start using the Broadband without waiting for any confirmation SMS(you will get none).

This facility is available only at Metro Stations(currently checked at Ghatkopar and Andheri Station and expanding further). It’s a promotional service and you may have to pay up in future to access it.

  5 Responses to “Free Broadband on Mumbai Metro”

  1. what is the bandwidth speed & cost after registered.

  2. Metro has started advertising that this facility will be introduced in trains soon

  3. Pls inform me how can I activate wifi
    I have bought 100 rupees coupon
    help required

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