Oct 092011

So I am watching this cricket match being played at chennai and the commentator is talking to a player on the field. At one point the commentator asks the player for his views about the pitch. After a brief pause, the player replies,”it is a typical chennai wicket”, and goes ahead with his regular blah blah. Huh! Typical chennai wicket my a&&!! What kind of reply is that?
These commentators and players sure take us for a ride. What kind of pitch would you find at chennai? Or at mumbai or lords for that matter? It will always be the pitch, typical to that region/city. All my life I have never heard a pitch report that goes, at lords,”its a typical indian dustbowl” or at mumbai,”its a grassy pitch, similar to perth”. Its always the pitch which we find in that particular region.
So what are the pitch report guys and commentators trying to prove here? That they have a lot of sense about distinguishing between pitches? I don’t think they have any such expertise. So stop fooling us with your “typical” answers. And let us just enjoy the game.

Jan 262011

Had an option of a free domain name available in my hosting account for a long time. And am not so creative when it comes to domain names(well…I am creative but someone else is creative, much more earlier than me, so has the domain I want.) Anyway, just came up with this new domain name and this will direct to the blog along with my original http://wordfight.in

The new domain name is http://nobukwaas.com

People can also use this domain along with wordfight, till I find out what to do with this one. I was thinking of a forum. But of what? Any suggestions? Or any other use I can put it to?

Jan 082011

If you hurry a bit, you will revisit history on sony set max channel. Men are being sold out in aution live on TV!! I never imagined that I would witness history in the form of live aution of cricket players. If you see it now, you can very easily liken this to the auction of the gladiators during the roman age. Whatever you feel, this seems pathetic.

Dec 312010

December! The month of all the action and excitement!! With the festival season in full swing, how did I go mossing from action?
Well, I had been enjoying the Royal Rajasthan with my better half, during my yearly break from work. And I am back. More to come about the exciting trip of the land of the kings and warriors soon. But for now, I am back. And relaxing

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