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How to Link Aadhaar to you EPF Account

The salaried class in India puts a portion of their pay in to the Employee Provident Fund(EPF). The EPF is handled by the Employee Provident fund Organisation(EPFO). An employee does this month after month, till he/she retires. And once they retire, they go through all the hassles while withdrawing the accumulated corpus. The hassles are

The Presidential Food

Got this rice from a local rice mill. Not clear whether the white house cultivates it, eats it or whether the white house has sold its brand name to the highest bidder(our local rice mill owner).

Last Day

Finally, it’s the last day of the year. We have worked all year long waiting eagerly for this day to rise. Now’s the time to party. Have a great year end. Do not forget to make those new year resolutions which we do not keep.

A Typical Wicket

So I am watching this cricket match being played at chennai and the commentator is talking to a player on the field. At one point the commentator asks the player for his views about the pitch. After a brief pause, the player replies,”it is a typical chennai wicket”, and goes ahead with his regular blah

Count them if you can!!

Spotted this small religious establishment at the Nashik Panchavati market. Difficult to gauge if the temple is for the bull or the bell. Can you count them?

New Domain Name

Had an option of a free domain name available in my hosting account for a long time. And am not so creative when it comes to domain names(well…I am creative but someone else is creative, much more earlier than me, so has the domain I want.) Anyway, just came up with this new domain name

Men Being Sold Right Now

If you hurry a bit, you will revisit history on sony set max channel. Men are being sold out in aution live on TV!! I never imagined that I would witness history in the form of live aution of cricket players. If you see it now, you can very easily liken this to the auction

Missing from Action??

December! The month of all the action and excitement!! With the festival season in full swing, how did I go mossing from action? Well, I had been enjoying the Royal Rajasthan with my better half, during my yearly break from work. And I am back. More to come about the exciting trip of the land

100 Up

A feat in itself for someone who is not much of a writer. Finally crossed 100 post mark with my previous one. Hoping to continue with this flow…