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The Suburban Ordeal

Few of my previous posts were dedicated to the Mumbai Suburban Commuter Trains or “Local” as they are referred to in Mumbai. One of them highlights the snobbish “high class passenger” behavior by “the elite” travelling in the first class compartment, observed time and again. While another one discusses ticketless travels, the everyday grind to

A Short Break

Its been a long time since I took a vacation with my family and this summer, with my kids being more than 1 & 1/2 years old, I dared to take a short one. My brother in law(Leo) and his wife and their daughter joined my wife and me with the kids. Intention, a long

Water – The Scarce Abundance

It has rained this year. Rained a lot in most of India. Just at the beginning of season. Within two weeks of heavy rain, most of the reservoirs in Mumbai were full  to brim and over flowing. A good sign for Mumbai since the rain had struggled to fill them up last year, and many

No Big Deal

My colleague commented today morning that I looked sullen and off mood. She kept saying this time and again. I didn’t feel any different. I was trying my best to look engrossed in work as always. May be she expected me to be all cheerful on my birthday. Maybe I was expected to be all

Short Sabbatical

My blog link is and the title is I Said It. But for quite some time now since my last post, I’ve been fighting for words. It seems like I’ve said it all. Not that I’ve nothing on my mind or I am suffering from writer’s block. To the contrary, my mind is jumbled

Nature’s Alarm

Nature has provided us with everything yet we have shunned it aside. Have our grandparents not used nature effectively? But we embrace technology to carry out the slightest tasks. Take an example of the alarm clock. I don’t remember my grandparents using alarm clocks to wake up. They relied on their body clocks, “early to

The Day I caught a Fish

As I have always said in some of my previous posts, we being the residents of coastal region, fish is our main diet. We vasaikars, love fish. Though our daily diet consists mainly of seawater fish, we do eat fresh water variety too. In fact fresh water fish was our regular diet some years back.

The Watch that taught me Time

It’s 2012. Time passes. As I sit through a somewhat boring sermon in the church, I turn my wrist to see the time and find that I have forgotten to wear the watch. Again. My thought rotates around watches. And as always, I am reminded of a watch which I can never forget. This watch

The Death of the Pen

It was in preschool that I came across the english alphabet for the first time. We had a cursive writing book with all those dotted letters on which I had to trace the pencil, so very slowly at  first, but at a higher speed later on, to learn cursive writing. It was a very difficult

How to Steam you Fish

The most common method of preparing fish in my region has been cooking it in tamarind & curry leaves based curry. Fried fish as a side dish has been the second most favored choice. It’s hard to pass a day when one of our meal doesn’t contain fish.