Nov 122009

Most of us have seen elephants up close, rode them, fed them and had fun whenever we visited the zoo in Mumbai at Jijamata Udyan. But its time to bid farewell to two elephants as the central zoo authority has issued a notice saying all the elephants in the zoos around India ( around 140 ), are to be sent to sanctuaries and tiger reserves.

This is largely for the benefit of the poor animal as it requires large space to move around.

A good reason to take your children for a final visit, and prayers that they are not hunted down for tusks.

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  One Response to “Bid Farewell to our Zoo Friends”

  1. Its been a long long while since I visited the Rani baug, Jijamata Udyan at Byculla . Must resolve to take my little son to see those elephants once for the last time . And actually its so strange that even though I am from Kerala , whenever I have visited Kerala , i just go to my ancestral house and spend time with my relatives and elders . But never have I explored the beauty of Kerala , The Wayanad , the Coffee plantations ,Cochin harbour, Kumarokam beach , the backwaters of Alleppey, Munnar , Thekkady ,, The Periyar Wild life sanctuary which I must visit one day to see those majestic elephants in all their glory . also all those big temples in Kerala each of which have in their service These Majestic creatures. And at the time of festivals ( Thrishoor puram is one of them )These great Elephants are decked up in all their finery ,, Its a great sight to see !

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