BADA Apps Spoofed on Wave

This was something Samsung had hardly expected. But they got what was coming. You see, they had launched this awesome phone, the samsung wave with amazing specifications and lost of good applications. And to support it was a very good operating system, BADA. But they neglected lots of countries. Many of the countries couldn’t buy the terrific paid applications and games from their online store. Including India. People were complaining a lot, but weren’t getting any response about the introduction of paid apps for rest of the world.
So the crackers had enough of it. They went ahead and found out a go around to make these applications work for free. Thus the entire world can now use these games and application.
And entire directory of BADA applications and games is available through torrent search in the name of Bada app. And as per the procedure, the person doesn’t require to have any huge knowledge for spoofing the applications. The torrent contains the wave spoofer application. They just need to have some useless applications installed on their phone(which by the way are free). Then run the spoofer application and select the required paths as per the procedure mentioned in the text file in the torrent. People claim that this works perfectly fine.
Wake up samsung!! There’s still enough time to make things right. People on various forums are still ready to pay for these apps, provided the service is available soon. Else this piracy bug will enter the BADA world to pollute it.
And People! These applications don’t cost a million. You have spent a huge amount for this phone. Why settle for pirated apps. If samsung gives paid apps, buy them. Don’t strangle BADA!! Samsung will dump it if they don’t find it profitable.


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