A Typical Wicket

So I am watching this cricket match being played at chennai and the commentator is talking to a player on the field. At one point the commentator asks the player for his views about the pitch. After a brief pause, the player replies,”it is a typical chennai wicket”, and goes ahead with his regular blah blah. Huh! Typical chennai wicket my a&&!! What kind of reply is that?
These commentators and players sure take us for a ride. What kind of pitch would you find at chennai? Or at mumbai or lords for that matter? It will always be the pitch, typical to that region/city. All my life I have never heard a pitch report that goes, at lords,”its a typical indian dustbowl” or at mumbai,”its a grassy pitch, similar to perth”. Its always the pitch which we find in that particular region.
So what are the pitch report guys and commentators trying to prove here? That they have a lot of sense about distinguishing between pitches? I don’t think they have any such expertise. So stop fooling us with your “typical” answers. And let us just enjoy the game.

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